Why Choose India for Your Wedding

Wedding Locations

Few places on Earth provide the sort of options and landscapes for weddings that India does…and has been doing for millennia. Whether it’s a wedding on a beach on a balmy Goan winter afternoon, or up in the bracing foothills of the Himalayas- with snow covered peaks as a backdrop – or in the shadow of the Taj Mahal, or in one of Rajasthan’s numerous fort-palaces, or in bustling, Bombay and Delhi with their world-class shopping, dining and partying opportunities, or in the holy cities of Amritsar and Varanasi India has it!

Importance of Rituals

Few places on Earth embrace weddings across the religious spectrum the way India does. For centuries now, India has hosted weddings for Muslims, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Zoarastrians, Jains and Hindus and each community has whole-heartedly welcomed the others during the festivities. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that Indian weddings signify India’s rich history and religious and cultural mosaic.

Wedding Experiences

Monsoon weddings kissed by petrichor, weddings sprinkled with snowflakes with the aroma of burning log-fires swirling about you, or weddings on the cusp of spring with the scent blooming flowers gracing the occasion …India has a season and aroma for every wedding.

You can even get married on a yacht, out on the sea!


Honeymoons in India

And, as for the honeymoons, there are just so many options: you could have an active honeymoon, exploring adventure sports or you could absorb Indian’s numerous cultural and natural offerings or you could just sit on a beach, eat, sleep, repeat and re-charge your batteries. Whatever your preference, we at VN&W would be delighted to make suggestions and to arrange your honeymoon.

What Can We Do?

Bride & Groom's Attire and Make Up

With India's thriving fashion and film industries, you'll be spoilt for choice with the wide variety of talented, cutting-edge designers and make up artists. We'd be delighted to help you find the right people for you.


There is just so much to choose from when it comes to cuisine in India! We realise how important the perfect spread is to Indian weddings and we want to ensure you have the very best caterers and chefs working for you.

Wedding Photographers

We would be delighted to recommend the best suited photographers for your wedding and ancillary events.


Indian weddings are known for their effervescent and radiant decorations. We'll help you find the right decorators, ones who pay as much attention to the minute details as they do to the big picture.

Complimentary Website

Why not leave the website design and coding to us? We'll make sure it's to your liking and equipped to function the way you want it. It's just one of the complimentary services we provide.

Rockstars n' DJs

Have a favourite band or DJ? Want them to perform at your wedding? We can ask our well-connected partners in the U.S. to arrange it for you (subject to the band/DJ being available, of course). We'll makedamnsure to get you the real act, not a tribute band!

Vishni Concierge Services-w

Why not let our sister company, Vishni Concierge Services, assist you with your wedding requirements and stay in India?

Our concierges come with years of experience in the travel and tourism industry in India and are very familiar with the high standards expected from High Net Worth Clients.

Honeymoon Ideas in India

India offers a mind-boggling array of honeymoon options! There’s something for everyone. Everything from adventure sports for the adrenaline junkies to big dollops of culture for the culturally curious. You can go up into the mountains to get a closer look at the Himalayas or stay at sea level and explore various phenomena dotted all over India’s coastline: the beaches of Goa, the Backwaters of Kerala, the temples of Tamil Nadu and Orissa. You may want to dive in to the vast, arid beauty of Rajasthan, with its profusion of medieval forts and palaces, or you may want to head for Madhya Pradesh’s wildlife resorts and national parks. If you want to experience a city-based honeymoon the Indian Metros (Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, Bangalore and Madras) have lots to offer: designer shopping, the most luxurious hotels, monuments and museums, thriving art scenes (why not enquire about your own personalised art tour around the galleries of Bombay, with your own curator?), some of Asia’s chicest bars and clubs and, de rigueur for India, mouth-watering, sumptuous culinary microcosms ( Colaba Causeway in Bombay has everything from Mughlai food to sushi. We can organise specialised culinary and/or wine tours for you, should you wish).

You can do as much as you want or as little as you want once you check in to your hotel. We only choose India’s finest hotels for our clients’ honeymoons and there’s a good chance you won’t want to leave the hotel…at least for the first couple of days. Disconnect the WiFi, unhook the ‘phone, kick off your heels…start your honeymoon. 💕

1. We do not offer honeymoons in Jammu & Kashmir.
2. Complimentary honeymoons are only available to direct clients, not to travel agents, tour operators, wedding organisers and event managers.
3. Complimentary honeymoons do not include travel insurance.

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